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so why grapefruit?

June 28, 2016


tumblr_o96hl0137p1shggzro1_1280tumblr_o9g51euvPw1shggzro1_1280ive been painting some grapefruit to exhibit alongside the drawings and have hit a slight bump in the road as to how to visually explain via my work, that grapefruit is to be avoided when on my brand of anti depressant. any thoughts would be appreciated haha



May 17, 2016


I have to make do with  Instagram photos until I can afford either a decent camera or or a giant scanner….

Either way, this is the finished product from the bag head experiments. I think the black bin bags do more visually than anything else has done previously so it’s definitely the direction I’m going to go in for the final works.
I’m still going to go for a nude model as I feel the clothing gives too much identification to the subject.


May 10, 2016




April 3, 2016


The project so far sitting together (minus the reference photos because I don’t have a printer…..)


Starting the other bag head drawing this time with the black bin liner instead of a shopper.

Test shots 2

April 1, 2016


Black or white?

March 29, 2016


I finished off the first baghead experiment but I’m really not happy with it at all. I rushed the entire body section and I feel the focus sits on the hair rather than the bag. Also the white bag against the white background looks washed out and not as contrasted as the bottom half of the drawing.

Next I’ll be taking some test shots with the black binbags on the head, and doing a drawing experiment based on those, to see how that compares next to this.

I’ve also been toying with some ideas that I’ll probably do a few small scale sketches of and see how I feel about them.

Oh and finally, I’m going to be putting together a pub crit session so people can come together in a relaxed environment and have a mini crit session about any current projects they have going on. I miss those all from uni and always found them helpful and would enjoy having some general feedback and ideas on these.

Oodles of doodles

March 25, 2016


Just a little update: working on the first full bag head drawings. Although I’m starting to wonder if the black bin bags are the way to go…. I feel like there’s not enough contrast in these yet. But we will see after its done!I’m awfully busy at work/commuting and I seem to now have tonsillitis again (I need to be locked in a germ free room) so I don’t have an awful lot of free time these days 😟